Blood Vs Water

Outwit, Outplay, Outblog: One Castaway (Gloriously) Flames Out

An accurately titled episode, "We're a Hot Mess", said by Natalie describing her tribe's game play.

An accurately titled episode, “We’re a Hot Mess”, said by Natalie to describe her tribe’s game play.

by Benji Glowinsky

After a sub par second episode which saw Val get voted out, and an uncomfortably entertaining third episode seeing through the fall of John Rocker, we were finally given a break from the disaster that is the Coyopa tribe. No, this episode focused on a storyline much, much more entertaining than anything we’ve gotten this entire season; the utter train-wreck that is the Hunahpu tribe. We were shown what many believe to be some of the worst game play by a group of castaways since Survivor: Borneo (the inaugural season of the show, where strategy was almost nonexistent), and at the center of it all was self-proclaimed mastermind and kingpin, Drew Christy.



A Dissection of This Year’s Survivor Winners

By Benji Glowinsky

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 1.48.53 AM

In the year 2013, we got two seasons, and two victors of the TV Show Survivor. John Cochran won Season 26, which aired last spring, Survivor: Caramoan (Fans Vs. Favorites), and Tyson Apostol won Season 27, which aired this past fall, Survivor: Blood Vs. Water. Which one of these winners did The B-Glow Show crown as the ULTIMATE victor!?!? Read on to find out.


Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve: Who Missed Out On Blood Vs. Water?

by Benji Glowinsky


10 castaways were chosen by production to return with their family members for another shot at the million, but not all of these former castaways were production’s first choices. From Survivor Wiki, and from fan boards, I have compiled a short-list of five people who were in the mix to be cast on this season, but either declined the offer to return, or in one case, was replaced last minute.