How CBS Fixed The Returning Player Dilemma on Survivor


by Benji Glowinsky

Ever since Survivor missed the mark (hugely) with Survivor: Redemption Island, it started a trend for the show which consisted of stacking the deck with seasons featuring returning castaways. For the most part, the span of six seasons where this was featured, was a massive failure.



Outwit, Outplay, Outblog: The Survivor Premiere Dispells Doubts, For Now

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by Benji Glowinsky

The wait is over, Survivor is back, baby!


Outwit, Outplay, Outblog: The Talk of The Town on Survivor Cagayan

By Benji Glowinsky

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We are back after another solid episode of Survivor! Read on to get the full scoop on what happened on Episode Two of this season of Survivor, as well as some getting some of Benji’s input! Make sure to join the discussion by commenting at the bottom of this post!