Month: October 2014

Outwit, Outplay, Outblog: One Castaway (Gloriously) Flames Out

An accurately titled episode, "We're a Hot Mess", said by Natalie describing her tribe's game play.

An accurately titled episode, “We’re a Hot Mess”, said by Natalie to describe her tribe’s game play.

by Benji Glowinsky

After a sub par second episode which saw Val get voted out, and an uncomfortably entertaining third episode seeing through the fall of John Rocker, we were finally given a break from the disaster that is the Coyopa tribe. No, this episode focused on a storyline much, much more entertaining than anything we’ve gotten this entire season; the utter train-wreck that is the Hunahpu tribe. We were shown what many believe to be some of the worst game play by a group of castaways since Survivor: Borneo (the inaugural season of the show, where strategy was almost nonexistent), and at the center of it all was self-proclaimed mastermind and kingpin, Drew Christy.