Will Arnett Confirms Arrested Development’s Fifth Season (!!!)

By Benji Glowinsky


Raise your arms in the air and yell, “STEVE HOLT!” because we may yet see more of the ensemble cast led comedy Arrested Development.

After buzz had been circulating since the show’s fourth season’s end of a potential film follow-up, Netflix first announced and Will Arnett soon after confirmed on The Tonight Show last week, there would indeed be a fifth season of Bluth action coming our way. There are some aspects of the fifth season still in question, as Arnett notes “we don’t know when, but it is gonna happen,” meaning production dates are still up in the air, and we may not get the content for quite some time. This may be especially true with Arnett’s recent success in his 2013 series, The Millers, as well as his more recent film success with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and with other cast members such as Tony Hale working his own successful show, Veep. Another question on the mind of many avid fans of the show is whether Season 5 will keep with the storytelling format Season 4 took.


Some people though Netflix “blue” it with Season 4.

For those unfamiliar, the first three seasons used the classic sitcom route telling the events of the season in chronological order, while the fourth season was told by character, with each episode focusing around one of the main characters, meaning later episodes- well- let me just let Wikipedia explain it: “Each episode of the season occurs over approximately the same stretch of time, but focuses on a different character. Information on events depicted in a given episode is often partial and filled in by later episodes.” Got it? Good. I was not a huge fan of the fourth season and how it was portrayed, and though I did appreciate the effort to take the show in an interesting new direction, I missed the old AD and felt the new format sometimes took away from the comedic element of the show in order to get the complex storytelling correct. I mustn’t complain however, because any AD is good AD, no matter when it arrives, and if Season 5 is told the same way Season 4 was, I’d still watch it with a smile on my face. I’ll have my ear to the ground intently waiting for more news on the arrival of Arrested Development‘s fifth season, but until then, lets thoroughly enjoy this highlight reel of everyone’s favorite, Gene Parmesan.



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