Outwit, Outplay, Outblog: The Talk of The Town on Survivor Cagayan

By Benji Glowinsky

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We are back after another solid episode of Survivor! Read on to get the full scoop on what happened on Episode Two of this season of Survivor, as well as some getting some of Benji’s input! Make sure to join the discussion by commenting at the bottom of this post!

We start off the episode back at the Brains camp after Garrett has just been blindsided by a 3-2 vote. Spencer very calmly and casually starts to discuss the process of why the three women, Kass, Tasha & J’Tia, all decided to blindside Garrett. Tasha explains how she was planning on voting out J’Tia up until Garrett performed his whole “mock tribal council” when he openly asked who everyone was voting for at camp, and the nail in the coffin was when Garrett blurted out that he, Spencer & Kass were in an alliance at Tribal Council. As Spencer walks away from camp, Tasha proposes an all girls alliance to Kass, noting that Spencer needs to be the next to go, which Kass accepts after confirming with Tasha that she promises not to turn on her.

We then head over to the Brawn camp, where our favorite cop/construction worker/spy shack architect, Tony, isn’t getting any sleep. Coincidentally, neither is our other favorite cop, Sarah, and she joins Tony by the fire. Tony, in his conniving ways, decides it is time to reveal to Sarah his true occupation. Sarah immediately responds in an “I KNEW IT!” fashion, and mentions in a confessional that she knew Tony was a cop all along because of how strong her “cop-dar” is. She explains how it’s like a “gaydar” but for sensing who is a cop. Alrighty then. Tony proposes an alliance. COPS’R’US. Phillip Sheppard must be kicking himself for not copyrighting “Stealth-R-Us” and all further “R-Us” alliances. Sarah proceeds to tell the audience of how she and Tony now have a “blue-blooded” alliance on each others badges as a sign of loyalty. Tony however, has no intentions of being loyal, honest, or  honorable in his game play, which is exactly what we like to see. We get our first showing of this when Tony brings up to Sarah a made-up conversation between Cliff and Lindsey about wanting to target Sarah for being too intelligent, which Sarah buys hook, line and sinker. In this fabricated story, Tony put specific emphasis on how Lindsey said Sarah should stay because she’s nice, but Cliff corrected her in saying, “Hey shorty, it’s the game, you gotta be focused.” Tony’s Cliff impression was for sure a highlight of this episode. The story was actually very impressive for something that seemed so on-the-spot. Tony mentions in a confessional how he doesn’t trust anybody in this game no matter what you tell them, and they shouldn’t trust him either.

Uh oh. Here comes the rain. Last week it was teased that the castaways would endure a terrible rainstorm this week, and that they did. Much of the first part of the episode took place during this monster monsoon that hit the tribes’ camps, and from the attitudes of some contestants, specifically Jefra and Lindsey, I almost thought one of them would quit due to the conditions. Luckily, none of them quit, and they seem to just have a mild case of “crybaby-itis.” Some of the castaways get particularly annoyed by Lindsey and Jefra’s complaining. Sarah mentions she feels no pity for Lindsey because she is supposedly being targeted by her. LJ thinks all of the girls on the Beauty tribe are lazy, don’t do any work, and just complain, but he knows to keep his mouth shut so no bigger targets get put onto him. LJ then walks us through his thought process in terms of the Hidden Immunity Idol, saying that he may as well go look for it if everyone’s going to be huddled up in the shelter. He impressively takes note of how Morgan greeted the tribe on day one by coming up to camp from behind the rocks in the ocean, and how she must have gotten a clue to the Idol hidden near there. LJ trots along the ocean, scaling rocks, feeling around the ocean’s bed for anything, and what do you know, he finds the Idol! Now all three Hidden Immunity Idols have been found (even though we still are unsure of what production will do with Garrett’s unplayed Idol). LJ makes the right move in  deciding he won’t be telling anyone about his discovery, and swims back into camp after putting his Idol in away.

Another very part of this episode was the sequence of the Brains tribe practicing for the Immunity Challenge. In an attempt to master the strategy of tossing water from one bucket to another, it seemed that the Brains tribe members were just throwing water in each others faces back and forth. If you can, this scene is at about 17:00 into the episode and definitely worth a rewatch.

The Brains tribe practicing splashing each other in the face with water.

The Brains tribe practicing splashing each other in the face with water.


The best part about the Brains tribe spending so much time practicing on that portion of the challenge is that they utterly bombed that portion. They took the longest with it, and gave both the Brawn and Beauty tribes a significant head start on the maze portion. After making short work of the buckets and the maze…


The Beauty tribe’s maze was being attempted by LJ, the so far proven puzzle master, and Jeremiah, the so far proven… well, nothing. He’s done nothing so far. Anyways, LJ and Jeremiah were having little luck figuring out this maze, and- wait- is that, THE BRAINS TRIBE? The Brains tribe have finished their buckets portion, and Kass and Spencer are bolting to get started on the maze! LJ and Jeremiah continue to struggle, and Kass and Spencer have now caught up! Now it’s anybody’s game, and every ones heart’s are pounding! OH A BIG MOVE THERE…


The Brain Tribe goes wild after their first Immunity win. (You okay Tasha?)

The Brain Tribe goes wild after their first Immunity win. (You okay Tasha?)

We get a short glimpse of the Brawn camp following the challenge win, and Tony immediately puts himself to work. He goes for the comfort Reward items, in search of an Idol clue. He wants to make sure no one else has possession of anything Idol related, so he gets the clue, and rids of it. Well played Tony, well played.

The Beauty tribe returns to their camp with their heads hanging low. The numbers look like this:
LJ, Alexis, and Jefra think they have Jeremiah, and Brice and Morgan think they have Jeremiah. LJ makes the call to his alliance that they should target the bigger social and strategic threat, Brice. On the other hand, Brice and Morgan decide to target Alexis, due to wanting Jeremiah to be on the same page as them with voting. Morgan than makes the call that they should court Jefra into voting with she, Brice and Jeremiah. Jefra seems opposed to voting against her friend Alexis when Morgan approaches her, but asks why they can’t vote out LJ. Morgan responds that he is needed for challenges. Jefra than converses with Jeremiah about why Morgan is saying he isn’t voting with the 4-person alliance, to which Jeremiah denies he has any involvement with Brice and Morgan. They then meet up with Alexis who suggests that they split the vote 2-2 between Morgan and Brice just in case one of them have an Idol, giving Jeremiah the ultimate deciding vote. If he goes with Brice and Morgan, the vote will be 3-2-1 against Alexis. If he goes with the 4-person alliance, it will be 2-2-2, and 3-0 against Brice on a revote. After some contemplating Jeremiah decides to go with…

TIED VOTE: 2-2-2

…the 4-person alliance, and ultimately, the result is…


10 Words to Eulogize Brice: Good showing in premiere, fell apart at hands of Jeremiah.

"Brice, the tribe has spoken."

“Brice, the tribe has spoken.”

What Benji’s Thinking:

  • This “All Girls Alliance” on the Brains tribe, while I do think Kass is sincere in joining the alliance, I have a strong feeling the alliance will not last long enough for them to get Spencer out. Either the tribe will avoid Tribal next week, and at the supposed tribe swap after next week’s episode Spencer will find new ‘ins’ at his new tribe, OR, Brains will go to Tribal and for one reason or another Kass or Tasha will flip to vote with Spencer against, most likely, J’Tia. We’ll see if I’m correct with this one.
  • It saddened me to see Sarah, a player who was so amazing last episode, get so blinded by the whole “I swear on my badge” promise and “blue-blooded” alliance with Tony. I mean, THE GUY LIES TO HER ABOUT HIS JOB, and she just turns around and trusts him “110%”. If Sarah plans on hedging all of her bets on Tony, she should be in for an unpleasant surprise down the line. Good on Tony for capitalizing on Sarah’s blindness in the situation. I really enjoy how Tony’s playing now, and believe he is actively playing the game better than anyone else at this point, but there’s no way all of his lies and conniving won’t catch up to him eventually. I hope they don’t, but I think they will. He does still have his Idol if he senses danger, but his priority now should be making sure all of his bases are covered with his lies.
  • I do think Jeremiah made the right decision, but his options weren’t great. Had he went with Morgan and Brice, he is on the bottom of his alliance, but he can take out LJ, someone who matches him in ability. Since he went with the 4-person alliance, he now has the two girls with him, and a potential opportunity to rid of LJ, as Jefra mentioned “Why don’t we just vote off LJ” during the episode. The downside of the 4-person alliance is that LJ is an intelligent player, and he has an idol (unbeknownst to all), so if LJ plays his cards right it could mean eventual trouble for Jeremiah’s game. Jeremiah is in the better position of the two within his tribe, so all in all he did make the correct choice in which side he voted with.
  • While I think Jeremiah made the right choice for his own game, I’m upset Brice went home because he was hilarious in this episode! With quotes like “dot, dot, dot… HMMMM,” and “the talk of the town,” I sure am disappointed we won’t be seeing any more of Brice this season. Oh, and lest we forget his amazing final words…


Sarah approaches Woo about possibly throwing Immunity (Oh boy), and in a blindfolded challenge, everyone will at least get hit in the family jewels twice.



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