Getting Down to The Wire on Opposite Worlds’ Ninth Episode

By Benji Glowinsky


Opposite Worlds continues its spectacular first season with another strong episode filled with twists, and a whole lot of drama. Benji recaps the show’s ninth episode in this in-depth review of what exactly happened last night.

Family Matters
Last week on Opposite Worlds, Steve eliminated Danielle in the Duel of Destiny. When the teams got back to their Worlds, Chronos to The Past and Epoch to The Future, the Chronos team was devastated to lose Danielle. Jesse in particular got very emotional over Danielle’s elimination, crying quite a bit over it. He mentioned many times in the episode how he is an only child, and Danielle was like a sister to him, making it very hard to see her go. As an extension of that, there was some friction between Jesse and JR before the Worldly Challenge. Jesse drew a ‘D’ on his chest (for Danielle), and when Luke asked Jesse about the loss of Danielle to his team, Jesse mentioned how he disliked the vengefulness with which JR chose to put Danielle into the Duel of Destiny and called his action “spiteful.” After some banter, JR shot back by asking Jesse “Is that ‘D’ for douchebag or is that ‘D’ for Danielle?”
Back to the Worldly Challenge, prior to its start, Luke announced another twist. With only four (now three) episodes remaining in the season, at least one person will be eliminated every episode. For this episode, the losing team of the Worldly Challenge would have to vote off one of its members. With Chronos at four members (Jeffry, Jesse, Lisette, and Mercy), and Epoch at five members (Frank, JR, Lauren, Samm, and Steve), Chronos needed to pull out a win in order to bring the game back to an even playing field. In what was one of the more difficult challenges of the season, the contestants had to play broken telephone by describing hieroglyphics to one another through Ancient Egyptian styled obstacles, until the final person in the line could enter the information of the image into a coded lock. Chronos pulled out a victory in a thrilling finish, and avoided going back to The Past, and having to vote off one of its own members. This sent Epoch back to The Past, with a strategy filled afternoon ahead of them.

Lisette tries to figure out the coded lock combination for Chronos.

Lisette tries to figure out the coded lock combination for Chronos.

JR Goes Swingin’
With the announcement that the losing team in the Worldly Challenge would have to vote someone off, the strategy discussion commenced immediately back in The Past with Epoch. The alliance of Lauren, Samm, and JR conversed in the backyard area about wanting to vote off Steve, not Frank, due to Steve’s constant scheming ways, and the desire to have Frank to win every Duel of Destiny. JR positioned himself as the “swing vote,” with Frank and Steve wanting him to vote off Lauren with them in order to break up the Lauren-Samm connection. Frank and Steve proposed to JR that if he votes off Lauren, they would make him the Protected Player this week. JR decided to go with his longtime teammates, Lauren and Samm, and they voted off Steve 3-1 (the fifth vote, most likely Frank’s, wasn’t shown because Steve already had a majority of three votes against him, although I think Frank voted against Steve to stay in line with his Epoch-mates). I think JR made the correct decision of the two he was presented with. He has built a stronger trust with Lauren and Samm than he had with Steve and Frank, and had JR sided with Steve, I think Steve would be a smarter player strategically and would eventually cut JR loose. Lauren and Samm however, as best they can, want to keep JR for the long haul, so for JR, he picked the right side to vote with. That all being said, I think Lauren and Samm made the wrong executive decision to target Steve. This was the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to get rid of Frank! He had no way of saving himself with his challenge prowess! The Worldly Challenge should not be Lauren and Samm’s prime focus. Steve can hold his own in challenges, and using this vote off to get out Frank in a non-challenge manner would’ve been the smartest strategic move. Now, Frank can very well power his way to the $100,000. After the votes were read, Steve said a sad goodbye, adding that he may have gotten along better with the members of Chronos, personality-wise, whereas on Epoch he was never able to truly be accepted to the team of JR, Lauren and Samm. Lauren took to this by saying that Steve probably would’ve been better on Chronos, a team of liars and manipulators, since Steve was one too. I was very sad to see Steve go, but I was also kind of disappointed with Steve during his time on the show. I was sad, because I thought Steve had the potential to be a very entertaining villain on Opposite Worlds. His teammates voted him off because he was too manipulative for god’s sake! However, I was dissapointed because he had that potential, but it never translated onto our screens looking back on Steve’s game as a whole. We never saw much of the deception and trickery the Epoch members said Steve had been trying to execute, and what we did see was very little (the only thing I remember is his meeting with Jesse where he said he’d agree to an inter-team all guys alliance). Oh well. Sayonara, Steve. Maybe I’ll see you on another Reality TV show someday and you can prove me wrong and claim your title as a great TV villain.

Epoch getting ready for Tribal Council the vote off

Epoch getting ready for Tribal Council the vote off.

The Popular Crowd
After a one week break in which a Chronos member, Jesse, won the Most Popular Player distinction, the reigns went straight back to an Epoch member, and Lauren claimed the number one spot in the rankings. Immediately after this announcement, JR wearily stated in a confessional that he may have made the wrong decision in voting out Steve, not Lauren (Steve’s target). In becoming the Most Popular Player (by what Luke described as the largest margin of victory this season), Epoch named Lauren their Protected Player. For the second week in a row, and the third time this season, America named Jeffry their Leas Favorite Player. His punishment was that he was not allowed to talk to his teammates for 24 hours. However, this week, Jeffry also got named Chronos’ Protected Player in a surprising decision by the Chronos team. Even more interesting was Jeffry’s plea to America for voting for The Decider. He plead to America not to vote for him as The Decider, because nominating people into the Duel would put too much blood on his hands, and mess up his game. I actually admire what Jeffry is trying to do here, some classic reverse psychology. By telling the voters (who all hate him) not to vote for him, they may actually vote for him just to spite him. Or I’m giving Jeffry way too much credit for thinking up a smart move like that, and he actually just doesn’t want to be The Decider. Who knows. Also, Luke dropped the bomb on the contestants after the Protected Players were named by saying that not two, but four players (two from each team), would be nominated into the Duel of Destiny, and two of those four would be eliminated. Woah. Things are suddenly moving very rapidly on Opposite Worlds heading into finale week.

Jeffry. Evil genius, or complete moron?

Jeffry. Evil genius, or complete moron?

Tidbit Time!

  • I’d be lying if I said that Epoch voting Steve off in their Past outfits didn’t remind me of a good Tribal Council on an episode of Survivor.
  • Predictions for Duel of Destiny competitors (Based on the assumption Lauren will be The Decider):
    • From Epoch, she’ll nominate Frank and JR into the Duel. Although JR is in her alliance, and has a bad ankle, I can’t see Lauren putting her number one ally, Samm, into the Duel.
    • From Chronos, she’ll nominate Jesse and Lisette into the Duel. Jesse, Chronos’ strongest member, is an obvious choice for Lauren to be put into the Duel. Lisette also has a closer bond with Jeffry and Jesse than Mercy does, and is also stronger than Mercy, so Lisette is a solid choice to be sent into the Duel.
  • I would really like if a Chronos member won the season at this point. The Epoch members are getting way too cocky for my liking.

Want to see what happens next on Opposite Worlds? Tune in to the SyFy network tonight at 8/7c for the live elimination episode to see which TWO CONTESTANTS will go home tonight! And don’t forget, you can influence the game by ‘tweeting’ about your favorite and least favorite players with the hashtag #OppositeWorlds, and be sure to comment on, and like this post!


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