Surprises Galore on Opposite Worlds’ Seventh Episode

By Benji Glowinsky


This week on Opposite Worlds seventh episode, the show brought us a booming Worldly Challenge, a big twist, and much, much more.

Also, let’s ignore that I didn’t write a recap last week. Then again, this is the self-proclaimed inconsistent blogger talking…

Boom Goes the Dynamite
Last week on Opposite Worlds (if you didn’t read those words in a ‘Luke Tipple’ Australian accent, then shame on you), Frank defeated Angela with great ease. The Duel of Destiny was won by Frank faster than it took Luke Tipple to look down at the timer after yelling, “go.” Epoch returned to The Past, spirits low, and decided they needed to get in shape for the next Worldly Challenge. Chin-ups and jump rope were among the workout routines being done, and there was even some running. Some running. JR was running around when a yell was heard from the part of the cave he was near. JR had sprained his ankle. As if Team Epoch weren’t down in the dumps enough, now (arguably) their top challenge competitor was injured. I’ll be the first one to say that a mere five minutes into the episode, I had already ruled Epoch out of winning the Worldly Challenge. Luke brought out the teams to this week’s WC (Worldly Challenge) in the usual fashion. To refresh your memory on who is still in the game, we have:
Epoch: JR, Lauren, Samm, and Steve
Chronos: Danielle, Frank, Lisette, Jeffry, Jesse, and Mercy.
Luke explained the challenge to the teams, which was a four person task. The first two team members would have to dig through a HUGE mountain of manure to find batons. Once eighteen batons were found and placed into their slots on a huge box, the next two teammates would place different sized puzzle pieces on the box to connect the batons to one another. Once the puzzle was finished, and the batons were all connected to one another by the puzzle pieces, the puzzle-doers would push down on a dynamite plunger, which looked like it had come straight out of an episode of Looney Tunes, and their box would explode, making that team victorious. Frank and Jeffry did part one for Chronos, while Lauren and Steve did so for Epoch. Chronos stormed out to a huge lead after part one, with Jesse and Mercy having ample time to get a head start on part two, the puzzle portion. But after having a lot of trouble figuring out the placement for the pieces, and an amazing comeback by JR and Samm on the puzzle, Epoch shocked the world by winning their first Worldly Challenge! It should have surprised nobody that they basked in the glory of winning after their victory was announced by Luke, and immediately chose to go to The Future. Thought Epoch winning the WC was surprising? Just wait, there’s more…

One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things is not like the others…

Thou Shalt (Not) Steal
Before the WC, Luke announced there would be a twist. After the Challenge, no matter who wins, the teams will be evened out. Meaning, if Epoch wins the WC, they get to ‘steal’ one Chronos member to come to their team, and if Chronos wins, they must choose one of their own members to be sent to Team Epoch. I’ll say it now, I thought this twist was ridiculously unfair to the Chronos team. Why does it make sense that even if they won the challenge, they’d have to give up a team member? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Chronos to be able to steal an Epoch member had they won? Just one man’s opinion, I guess. Had Chronos won the WC, it would probably have been Jeffry or Mercy sent over, but they lost, so the decision was out of their hands. Oddly enough, Jeffry might have wanted, and needed the opportunity to switch to Team Epoch. After his alliance with JR was exposed last week, his teammates aren’t too fond of him, and would probably love the opportunity to nominate him into the Duel of Destiny. Sadly for Jeffry, Epoch pulled out the victory, and chose to stole Frank (the Tank), a surprise to no one. Frank was none to happy about being switched to Epoch and was heartbroken to be torn away from his “Chronos family,” but, Frank was quite alright with staying in the future with his new team. Epoch seemed to be accepting Frank to their team well, teaching him their ‘Wolfpack’ cheer (is it a cheer? I don’t know what you’d call it…), and including him in the moving of their mattresses together, but I still have no doubts that he’ll appear in the Duel of Destiny every week an Epoch member becomes The Decider from here on out. An interesting point that came up during the episode was something Danielle and Jeffry said about Frank to Chronos after the switch. Danielle mentioned how Frank was always the person “talking s**t” about Epoch when Chronos was united in The Future, and continued to say that she wondered how he would talk about his now former teammates to Epoch. Jeffry added that Frank needs trust on Epoch, so he’ll do and say anything to gain that.

Make Up Your Minds America!
In a shocking turn of events, Jesse was named the America’s Favorite Contestant this week. Wait… Jesse, as in, the Jesse that was voted America’s Least Favorite Contestant just last week?! Not to say I’m unhappy about this, as I have come to love Jesse on the show, but, wow. Good for him. His reward was to have a private meeting with a member of Team Epoch, and he chose his former teammate, Frank. There weren’t many new developments to take from their meeting, except Frank mentioning how he should convince his team to name him as The Decider unless he wants to face Frank in the Duel. Luckily for Jesse, his team named him as their Protected Player this week, and I’m willing to make a bold prediction (haha.) that Jesse will be voted as The Decider this week. The only person on Chronos who didn’t vote for Jesse to be The Decider for Chronos was Jeffry, who couldn’t vote due to serving his punishment for being named America’s Least Favorite Player this week. His punishment was to be put in isolation for 24 hours, therefore making him ineligible to contribute to naming his team’s Protected Player. Jeffry’s alliance-mate JR was named The Protected Player for Epoch, with the team citing his hurt ankle as the reason they chose him.I have confidence that Jesse will beat JR in becoming The Decider this week, and I truly don’t know who he’d nominate to the Duel. He could nominate Jeffry for being too deceptive, or Mercy for being the new kid on the block, but he could also nominate Lisette with the intention of her knocking out one of Epoch’s weaker players. If JR wins, Frank will most likely go in against Lisette. I guess we’ll see if I’m right tonight (not to brag, but in Week 2 my predictions were 3 for 3).

Jesse's face when you, America, named him your Favorite Player.

Jesse’s face when you, America, named him your Favorite Player.

Tidbit Time!

  • Jesse’s squirrel skin gift to Frank during their meeting was probably one of the funnier moments of the season.
    • Sub-point, I’m campaigning hard for Jesse to become The Decider. Everyone go vote for him.
  • Luke said this week’s Duel would focus on twists, tangles, and turns, so I’m not sure putting Frank in the Duel would be Epoch’s best move. He doesn’t seem like a guy who can easily twist and get out of tangled situations.
  • Epoch was getting a tad cocky in the hot-tub scene with one member mentioning how they’re certain they’ll win The Decider vote every week. I don’t like that.
  • Danielle and Lisette are having a lot of trouble adapting to The Past. Don’t worry Chronos, being in The Past never hurt anyone! Well, except JR…

Want to see what happens next on Opposite Worlds? Tune in to the SyFy network tonight at 8/7c for the live elimination episode to see who will go home next! And don’t forget, you can influence the game by ‘tweeting’ about your favorite and least favorite players with the hashtag #OppositeWorlds, and be sure to comment on, and like this post!


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