What’s Happnin’ on Episode 3 of “Opposite Worlds”

By Benji Glowinsky


So I had a good time writing about the series premiere of Opposite Worlds last week, and the reception indicated the readers did too! I didn’t really write anything about Episode 2, but I decided to write about Episode 3. It is possible I will write a recap for the Tuesday episodes of Opposite Worlds every week… I haven’t made a final decision yet but me doing a second recap is probably a good sign. Enjoy!

Episode 3 brought the viewers another very strong episode of Opposite Worlds. I continue to thoroughly enjoy this season.
Stray Observations:

Welcome to the Worlds

This week’s big twist was the insertion of two new players to the game. America had been voting since before the premiere between four options of which two potential players they wanted to eventually enter the game, and in this episode, they were finally brought in. Steven (Epoch) and Mercy (Chronos) were the two players chosen to enter the game by fan voting. This was really great timing for the show considering Charles and Rachel both left the game last week. The two teams found out about the new additions to their teams as they were approaching this week’s Worldly Challenge and found the host, Luke, standing in between the two. Both teams seemed to welcome their new comrades with open arms, and even though both newbies were chosen as the “tied players” for the challenge, I don’t see that as anything notable. What I do recognize as being notable is the whole notion of Steven and Mercy having possibly detrimental disadvantages in joining the teams late. The teams, and especially Epoch, are unified to an extent (more on that later). Steven and Mercy are ‘at the mercy’ (ha.) of how unified each team is. Luckily for Steven, he might have gotten some ‘brownie points’ from Epoch for being so nice, but on the whole, if the teams decide to be ‘gung-ho’ about the original members sticking together, the late joiners Steven and Mercy could have early exits. I wouldn’t be shocked to see one of them get nominated for the Duel of Destiny by their own team this week.


The contestants find out two new players will enter the game.

The Villain Returns

I think its very clear which team is more unified. Epoch has been a very cohesive unit since day one, and despite their challenge losses, continue to work like a well-oiled machine. The Chronos team, however, is quite the opposite. There was a lot of conflict between the teammates at the Worldly Challenge, and at the centre of all of it was our favorite villain, Jesse. Both teams noticed his demanding orders towards Jeffry in the challenge, and he threw some hurtful (and pretty hilarious) insults towards the hulking Frank, who was the ’tomato tosser’ for the challenge (side note, Frank was probably a better pitcher in that challenge than any current pitcher on my Toronto Blue Jays). These insults made the Epoch group aware of possible friction within the Chronos unit, and really exposed the teams weaknesses. I was also overjoyed to see that Jesse being villainous wasn’t just a one week gig. While I think there’s close to no chance the Chronos Protected Player will get chosen by the public to nominate the players for the Duel of Destiny, Jesse could be digging himself a hole in the game.


Last week, I was a tad harsh on Jeffry. I respected his efforts to strategize, but found him very annoying and wrote him off as a potential favorite of mine. My opinions on Jeffry have taken a complete 180-turn after last night’s episode. Firstly, Jesse being a jerk to him at the challenge was undeserved. Then, Jeffry impressed me a lot by strongly solidifying his alliance with JR. His move to throw food over the glass wall to JR certainly made him gain trust in the eyes of his ally, and actually presenting a final two deal to JR was a very strong move from my standpoint. Jeffry seems to be the one of the only people making specific strategic plans, and it seems that they’re positively in motion. I think Jeffry got a bad reputation in the public eye last week for poopin’ on some of the other contestants like Angela and Rachel in his conversations with JR, and they ultimately landed him with the title of Least Popular Contestant for week one. With that, he gets a punishment, which was to fast for 24 hours and to choose a teammate to join him in doing so, which Jesse volunteered for. Tell me your heart didn’t sink when Jeffry started crying after Luke gave him that news. I know I felt bad for the guy. Maybe it’s the sympathy talking, but I am starting to like Jeffry and I think the public needs to start recognizing that he’s been (most likely) the strongest strategic player thus far this season. Give the guy a break, America.

Jeffry and JR talking strategy through the glass wall.

Jeffry and JR talking strategy through the glass wall.

Tidbit Time!

(This is a new thing where I’ll just throw out some bullet points. Only posers write more than three paragraphs.)

  • Frank got chosen as the Protected Player for Chronos, and Lauren for Epoch
  • Not sure if choosing Frank (the Tank) as the only player who can’t compete in the Duel for Chronos is good strategy, or bad strategy…
  • While the credits were rolling, a clip of a meeting between all of Epoch, minus Wyatt and Angela, was shown
    • In it, Lauren claimed Wyatt approached her about nominating JR, and said that Wyatt and Angela are working together. She continued to say that, essentially, those two don’t know the rest of the group is working together. Maniacal laughter in unison followed.
  • Prediction: Lauren gets America’s vote, chooses Wyatt and Jesse to duel.
  • I was way off last week by saying Rachel was the one to watch in the competition, so I’m hoping to redeem myself this week. I ain’t perfect, alright?

Want to see what happens next on Opposite Worlds? Tune in to the SyFy network tonight at 10/9c for the live elimination episode to see who will go home next! And don’t forget, you can influence the game by ‘tweeting’ about your favorite and least favorite players with the hashtag #OppositeWorlds, and be sure to comment on, and like this post!


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