The Series Premiere of “Opposite Worlds” Impresses

By Benji Glowinsky


The new reality series Opposite Worlds premiered last night on the SyFy channel, and it was really everything I had hoped for. It created characters of all sorts, and there was drama right off the bat. Read on to see my stray thoughts on the first episode.


Going into the premiere, I was not expecting the format we received at all. I was expecting people living in the past and present as advertised, with the glass wall as promoted. Expanding on that though, I was not expecting the “past” contestants to actually suffer as much as they did. Being that the show is essentially inside a house, I didn’t think the conditions would actually play as big a part in the game as they do, and it would more be about luxurious vs non-luxurious, so it was cool to see the environment actually take a toll on the players in the “past.” When the episode got to the challenge portion, which was truly a spectacle to watch, I was blown away. In every season of Survivor or Big Brother that I’ve ever watched, I’ve never seen a more dangerous challenge. If tasers and 10-foot drops are any indication of the challenges we’ll be seeing this season, sign me the heck up. Another shocker was the immunity vote, or the “Protected” vote, if you will. I didn’t anticipate that being an aspect of the game which will definitely get more interesting as the strategy on both teams starts to develop, with who the team wants immune and who the team wants deciding who’s nominated playing as factors. I’m very excited for the prospects of the setup Opposite Worlds has going right now.

America’s Call

One of the aspects of Opposite Worlds that I’m very intrigued about is the amount of power the public has in the game. America will vote each week to choose a member of each team, Chronos and Epoch, to be immune from elimination. The public, through social media, will name their favorite and least favorite players, the favorite getting a prize every week and the least favorite getting a punishment. I’m obviously cautiously intrigued by this twist, which has a possibility of going badly. In last year’s first and only season of The Glass House, America opted to vote out the troublemakers and anyone who was at all mean, taking away the drama from the show. I hope the viewers are more sensible with Opposite Worlds, because if all of the tension creating players are ousted by America, the show could get very boring, very fast.

The Brainy Gamer?

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.05.13 PM

Is Rachel the contestant to look out for?

The main person who stood out to me in the first episode was Rachel, of the Chronos team. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and was very aware of her surroundings. She was the first one to notice the timer show up on the TV at the beginning of the episode, and was the first one to notice the hot tub room open near the end of the episode. Not convinced yet? She made the first strategic move so far in the game right near the end of the episode. It was shown as the credits were rolling, so you may not have caught it, but she told her whole team that Wyatt seems to be emerging as the leader on the other team, Epoch, and should be the one put up for elimination. You can never discount the first person to talk strategy, and I’ll be looking out for Rachel as one of the potential power players of the season.

The Decider

Every week, the person each team chooses as “Protected,” will be put to the vote. America will decide which “Protected” player will choose a nominee for elimination from each team. This week, Chronos chose Lisette as their “Protected” player, and Epoch chose JR. From the way things are looking on the polls over at SyFy’s website, JR will be in power this week, but let’s analyze what either of the “Protected” players would do. From JR’s perspective, he will most likely want Jesse gone on Chronos (I’ll tell you why below), but on his own team, who knows who he’ll want gone? Will it be Wyatt, who sort of has emerged into a leader role on Epoch in the absence of Charles, or will it be Lauren who broke her finger in the first challenge and returned after getting a splint for her finger? My bets are on JR putting up Jesse and Lauren if he gets to pick. For Lisette, she explicitly said in a confessional that if America chooses her to pick nominees, she’ll weed out the weak. Who was she referring to? My best bet is Jeffry of her own team, Chronos. Jeffry is small in figure, and I can’t see Lisette taking out Danielle or Rachel at the first elimination. On the Epoch team, due to the aforementioned influence from Rachel, she’d probably choose Wyatt as the nomination. We’ll see tonight who America picks, and who the “Decider” nominates for elimination.

Chronos a Leg Up

As I mentioned earlier, the first challenge featured tasers and a 10-foot drop. One member from each team would run up a 10-foot staircase to meet on a circular platform, and whoever pushed the other off first won the round, the first team to four points winning the challenge. Oh, and they were holding tasers which they could use to aid them in getting their opponent off. The challenge was riveting enough to watch as it was, and I found myself fully invested in each round. Now you may be thinking, “10-foot drops? Tasers? Aren’t those dangerous?” Yes, yes they are. When it came to the matchup of Chronos member Jesse, and Epoch member Charles, things took a turn for the worse. Jesse got to the top first, and waited to pick up his taser unlike the people in the previous rounds who immediately lunged for their tasers. Once Charles got to the top, and bent down to get his taser, Jesse launched himself at Charles, and the two of them fell the 10-foot plunge. Charles broke his leg from the awkward fall, and had to be taken to hospital. This left Jesse to take the reigns as the undisputed first villain of Opposite Worlds’ first season. Everyone hates Jesse. Wyatt of the Epoch team called foul play in a confessional, tearing up at the mention of Charles injury. Not only is he being labelled as an early villain among the cast, but he currently holds the title of “Least Popular Contestant” based on voting and tweets. While I do feel bad for Charles, Jesse was also very snarky in his confessionals, and I like him as a villain for the season. I hope he sticks around as the guy I’ll love to hate.

Luke Tipple

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.46.12 PM

He’s Australian. ‘Nuff said.

Luke Tipple is the host of Opposite Worlds, and throughout the episode he impressed me. He very easily asserted his position as host by calling people out during the first challenge for rough play, proving he won’t be a pushover of a host like some are during the inaugural season of a reality show. Luke was also quick with his wit, adding to his appeal, the most notable example being when told the teams they only had one minute to decide who was immune.

There you have it! Be sure to comment below on your thoughts of Opposite Worlds, and don’t forget to check out the show at 10/9c every Tuesday and Wednesday on the SyFy channel!

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