‘Time Machine Posts’ – Eulogizing Dawn Meehan

By [a slightly younger] Benji Glowinsky


I’m in the process of shutting down my old blog for good, and I have 4 or 5 articles that I wrote during my time using that blog. This is the only one I felt compelled to actually move to this blog, because- well, because- because I liked it and this is my blog, so bug off, ok? This article regards Survivor: Caramoan, and the episode where Brenda got blindsided. The episode this post is about aired on May 8th, 2012, so I’ll assume the original date of post is around May 11th, 2012. Enjoy.

“I thank you all for gathering with me here today to remember the Survivor life of Dawn Meehan. Dawn was a terrible person because she backstabbed her friend in the game, and someone who cared for her, Brenda.” -Wait, what?!!?- Were labelling Dawn as a terrible person because she backstabbed a viable contender to win the game over her? Granted, the move was hardly her idea, so I don’t give her credit for making that kind of move, but why are we hating on Dawn?

When Dawn first played the game, in Survivor: South Pacific, she was seen as this harmless mother figure, who, while good in challenges, would never hurt anyone with a strategic move (The Jim Rice lead Elyse vote-off doesn’t count because the tribe unanimously agreed to vote off Elyse). She proved that by not flipping on her tribe, Savaii, at the most opportune time, when Cochran asked her to flip with him just before he did so himself. It cost Dawn the game, and she wound up going home a few Tribals later.

Here’s the thing, is it wrong for a Survivor castaway to want to right their wrongs if they return for a second chance at the million? No, is the correct answer. Dawn came into Survivor: Caramoan with the image she had during South Pacific. She wasn’t vying to change her image so much as her gameplay, but regardless, she came out of the gate ‘guns-a-blazin’. Starting right from the first vote, Dawn, along with Cochran, positioned themselves as the swing votes, and were the very reason Francesca went home 1st for a cruel second time. Cochran said in a confessional in episode one “It’s a new Dawn,” (very punny) showing how even he was noticing her drastic change in gameplay. Dawn wasn’t necessarily ‘friends’ with Francesca, but she was the reason Franny went home. Dawn has proven since the first episode that she is willing to play the game hard, and dirty.

So why are we only criticizing Dawn now? Dawn made a bold statement last tribal when she voted off the very person who helped her find her retainer. The same person who initially chose Dawn to go along in the loved ones visit. I’m of course referring to none other than Brenda Lowe. While she virtually killed any chance of winning the game for herself by making that move (solely based on the reactions of the jurors in the Ponderosa video for Brenda [obviously, she can still win if she has a killer Final Tribal speech]) I commend Dawn for making this kind of move. Regardless of Brenda’s actions towards Dawn, Brenda was a threat, and Dawn had every reason to vote her off. Brenda has one immunity, and one reward win under her belt, and has been a top contender in every single Immunity Challenge so far. Dawn took a lot of heat on social media for the move on Wednesday, and she wound up deleting her twitter account because of the types comments people were making about her.

Now, tell me this, in a game for one million dollars, where we’re down to the final 6, and there are really only 2 people left who can beat you at Final Tribal, (Brenda, Cochran) doesn’t it make sense to take one out? Bottom line, this game is cold-hearted, and everyone signs up knowing that. I say Kudos to Dawn, and it’s sad that she probably won’t win the game, or be a fan favourite anymore because of one, completely legitimate move. That is why this is Dawn’s eulogy. She’s not yet been voted out, but her Survivor life may as well be over. Dawn, you should know that some people like me, really do appreciate actual gameplay, and the willingness to make big moves.

Let me know what you all think about the controversial Brenda vote-off in the comments below.


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