Key and Peele are Heading to the Big Screen

by Benji Glowinsky


After a string of lackluster films, Judd Apatow has nabbed a potential gem. Earlier this month, Deadline reported that Apatow would be working with comedians Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key of Comedy Central’s sketch-comedy show, Key and Peele on a feature film for Universal Pictures.

Apatow has been responsible for some of the best comedies of the last decade, producing movies like Anchorman, Superbad, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and directing movies like The 40-Year Old Virgin, and Knocked Up. If you haven’t seen at least two out of the five aforementioned movies, stop reading this right now and go watch one. Seriously, go. If you have, you are welcome to continue reading. Apatow has an ability to help create smart and entertaining comedies that stick in people’s minds long after they’ve seen them. That is why I am very excited for Key and Peele to work with him on this project.

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are two comedians who worked on the sketch-comedy show MADtv for five and six seasons, respectively. In 2012, they started their own sketch-comedy series, Key and Peele. Their sketches cover a wide array of topics, from current events and sports parodies, to racial relations and satires. My friend approached me in early September saying, “BENJI. You NEED to watch Key and Peele. It is LITERALLY the funniest s**t you will EVER watch.” Naturally, I thought he was vastly overselling the show, considering he thought it would be the funniest thing I had ever seen, but nonetheless, I gave it a shot. I looked up Key and Peele on YouTube and was impressed to find that all of their sketches get uploaded onto YouTube. You would figure with small scale shows like this, they would refrain from easy access to their shows on sites like YouTube in order to draw a bigger viewing audience for when the show actually airs, but Key and Peele prove that the fans are their priority by allowing simple access to their content. Anyways, I went to the Comedy Central channel on YouTube which hosts their clips, and looked for the one with the most views. I was baffled to see that a clip named “Substitute Teacher” had 39 million views! I watched it, cried from laughter, and proceeded to spend the next three days watching all of their clips on YouTube (Specific nods to the sketches “I Said Bitch,” “Obama Loses His S**T,” and “Flicker”). They are hilarious.


Keegan-Michael Key in the sketch, “Substitute Teacher”

Key and Peele are two of the most exciting people in the comedic scene today, and are ridiculously talented writers and comedians, which is why I love the idea of Judd Apatow helping them develop their own film. Apatow has a magic touch, and can really help in maximizing Key and Peele’s audience and fan base. My only worry is Apatow’s recent history of films. As I mentioned earlier, Apatow has recently had a string of lackluster films. In 2012, Apatow produced three films. They were: Wanderlust (The brutal Paul Rudd-Jennifer Aniston “comedy”), The Five-Year Engagement (The half-decent Jason Segel-Emily Blunt rom-com), and This Is 40, which he also wrote and directed (The awful spinoff of Knocked Up). Maybe I’m being hard on Apatow, but I think that with people like Key and Peele who are fairly unknown to the masses, he will need to hit this one out the park. Luckily, with the help of Key and Peele (who write their own sketches), and the plethora of recurring Apatow collaborators to use as assets, I have hope that this will truly be a win for Key and Peele, but also for Apatow himself.

Do you like Key and Peele? Are you excited for their first feature film with Judd Apatow? Leave your opinions in comments section below!


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